Ewa Beach Hawaii and Fort Weaver Road Traffic

Ewa Beach Hawaii and Fort Weaver Road traffic is moving along very, very well as of October 4, 2009.  I no longer hear motorists complaining about the road.  Occasionally, as the construction crews continue with their work, they shut down one or two lanes but they are doing that during the middle of the day and not during rush hour traffic.   This is a small price to pay for this long overdue convenience of a wider road.

The widening of the road is about 80 percent complete all the way to Kolowaka Drive going Ewa Beach bound and from Geiger Road going town bound.  They still have to finish off the concrete sidewalks, curbs and landscaping but the extra lanes are now are open.

When I am out running on the trails that parallel Fort Weaver Road in the morning, I no longer can pass up the cars when I run.  Before the widening of the road, I would see a car or truck near Kolowaka Drive and I would get all the way to Renton Road before the car or truck got there.  That is no longer the case.  Maybe I am just running slower.

It is my opinion that home buyers are getting educated on the status of the new and improved Fort Weaver Road because correctly priced homes in Ewa Beach are going under contract almost as soon as they come on the market.  There are also multiple offers on almost every short sale listing in Ewa Beach.  Prior to the widening of Fort Weaver Road, these real estate stats were not like this.  I must attribute some of the Ewa Beach real estate sales growth partly due to the first time home buyers tax credit but more than that, Ewa Beach homes offer quality construction, larger homes, larger lots, central AC standard in almost every home built since 1997 and most importantly, some of the MOST AFFORDABLE HOMES ON THE ENTIRE ISLAND.

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