Hawaii Short Sales Should Have Photos

Regardless of the fact that the listing is a short sale, the Sellers deserve to have pictures of their property on the internet.  You, as the Buyer, deserve to see pictures of the property.

Real estate  in Hawaii without photos don’t get much attention when viewed on the internet, so then why would a Hawaii short sale listing be any different?

It drives me nuts when I see non-Hawaii Short Sale listings on my Honolulu Board of Realtors MLS that don’t have any pictures and I just wonder each time I see it if the Seller is aware that their listing is lacking photos.  I understand that it may take a few days to take the pictures, have them photoshopped and get them published on the internet, but there is no excuse after that to not have pictures unless the Seller specifically directs that no pictures be taken.  

Some listings have comments like:  “280 Days on Market”, ” Seller Motivated”,  ” This is a must see property”  etc……. Come on now!  If this piece of Hawaii real estate is such a great bargain then get some pictures posted!

Short sales in Hawaii are not any different.  Short sales take a long time, are a lot of hard work, require numerous hours on the phone but those are not excuses to not have pictures.  I certainly wouldn’t recommend paying hundreds of dollars to have a professional photographer take pictures  but a digital camera is cheap and loading photos is easy!  

At the top of my website, I have a scrolling list of homes for sale FROM ALL AGENTS IN MY COMPANY.  I assure you that the ones with no pictures are definitely not mine!

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