Laulani Shopping Center in Ewa Beach, Hawaii

The Laulani Shopping Center in Ewa Beach, Hawaii just changed their sign at the corner of Ft Weaver Road and Keaunui Drive.   It used to say that “Just Tacos” was one of the businesses that would be opening in the new Safeway Shopping Center but now it is changed to “Russos Italian Kitchen”.  That actually sounds pretty good as long as Russos is not another crappy, pretend Italian Restaurant.  My wife and I recently went to a newly opened Italian Restaurant in Kapolei and it was awful.  I will never go back there again.   They advertise having a Chef who was from Italy but the food did not impress us at all.

To the owners and management of Russos Italian Kitchen:  PLEASE make some good, authentic tasting Italian food and we will give you much business and send everyone your way.  Don’t serve us pre-made Italian food that we can buy in the grocery store.  One more thing:  If you can figure out how to make some kick ass pizzas, your business will do great because Oahu and Ewa Beach are seriously lacking a good, quality place to get a  pizza.  Its so bad that I have to order pizzas from Chicago twice a year and have them flown to Hawaii on dry ice.  I look forward to your grand opening and wish you much success with Russos Italian Kitchen in Ewa Beach, Hawaii.

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