Hawaii Military Buying Homes on Oahu

Congratulations on your military relocation to Hawaii! 

You have a thousand things to do as you begin plans to PCS and one of them might be the thought of purchasing a home in Hawaii using your VA Loan Eligibility.

Unless you are coming from another high cost area, your BAH rate will most likely increase when you get to Hawaii.  The mortgage payment on a home might even be within reach for you based on the BAH and also the COLA that you will be entitled to.

But should you really buy a home in Hawaii? 

What are you going to do with that home when your 3 year tour of duty is over and it is time to PCS?  What if the value stayed the same or decreased and you can only sell it at a loss?  Are you willing to take that chance?  If you decide to keep the home and use it as a rental, are you prepared to pay 10% of collected rent each month to a property manager, pay for needed repairs and have enough cash on hand to make your mortgage payment in between tenants?

For more information on purchasing real estate in Hawaii, contact me anytime via email or telephone.

Good luck with your move to paradise!

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