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Soon To Be For Sale Properties in Ewa Beach and Makakilo

I always have new properties that come on the market.  Are you looking for something special?  How about a 3 bedroom townhouse in Ewa Beach, Hawaii, newer construction, 2 car garage, excellent condition for the low 300’s?

Or would you prefer something at a higher elevation like Makakilo and possibly a 3 bedroom, 1.5 bathroom end unit townhouse with approximately 1,400 sf of living space for the mid 200’s?

Contact me today to find out what new properties may be available soon.

Ewa Beach Homes Selling Quickly

Are you interested in purchasing a home in Ewa Beach, Hawaii?  Is your Hawaii real estate agent informing you that you must make your decision quickly when a new listing comes on the market because if you don’t, someone else will beat you to it?

Listen to your agent!  I saw some serious disappointment this past weekend when I listed a new home for sale in the Ewa by Gentry Sonoma Prescott neighborhood.

Ewa Beach Home For Sale

I listed the home for sale on Sep 29th and had an open house 4 days later on Sunday October 4th.  There were 21 groups of people that came through the open house.  I received 2 offers for the property on that same day.  I met with the Sellers that night and they had an extremely tough decision but they selected one of the offers.  Both offers were almost exactly identical.

Within 24 hours after that, 3 other Hawaii real estate agents called me to set up showings which I had to politely decline since we were now under contract.  The agents said their clients would be disappointed because the house looked perfect.  This is one example of why you cant wait when a new house for sale hits the market especially in places like Ewa Beach, Kapolei, Makakilo, Koolina Resort, Waikele and Mililani  just to name a few.  You must go to see it right away!

Also within that same 24 hour period, 2 other agents called me to let me know that their buyers came to my open house on Oct 4th and they would now be submitting offers.  I also politely informed them that the Sellers had already received 2 offers and would be accepting one that evening.  This is another lesson learned.  If you go to visit an open house in Hawaii, the house seems to be perfect for you then you need to tell your Hawaii real estate agent to meet you immediately and write up the offer.  Waiting 24 or 48 hours is not going to cut it!

I think you probably figured out the moral of this blog but here it is anyway:  Move quickly when a home comes on the market because it will be gone at the blink of an eye.

VA Loan Home Buying in Hawaii

Hawaii VA Home Buyer Information

Are you still “sitting on the fence” and waiting to buy your piece of Hawaii Real Estate?  Are you waiting for the prices to drop further?  As a Real Estate agent in Hawaii working with Military Relocations to Hawaii and specializing in VA Home Loan purchases, I run across Hawaii military very often that fit into this category.

I never push anyone into buying a piece of real estate in Hawaii.  That is your decision to make.  However, if you know that you want to buy a home in Hawaii but are waiting on the market to “bottom out”, please consider this information below.

I put these charts together to illustrate what could happen if you wait on the prices to decrease 10% but at the same time, interest rates increase 1%.

The first chart depicts purchasing a home now at an interest rate of 5% with 100% financing. 

The second chart shows what will happen if you wait on prices to drop 10% from the current price and the interest rate to go up to 6%.

Don’t forget that the longer you wait to buy, you continue to pay rent which is money that is disappearing and will not find its way back into your wallet.


 Purchase Price                                                       Monthly Payment (principal and interest only)

$300,000.00 @ 5%


$400,000.00 @ 5%


$500,000.00 @ 5%


$600,000.00 @ 5%



Purchase Price (down 10%/interest rate up 1%)             Monthly Payment (principal and interest only)

$270,000.00 @ 6%


$360,000.00 @ 6%


$450,000.00 @ 6%


$540,000.00 @ 6%



Fact #1:  Interest rates for 30 year VA home loans in Hawaii are currently hovering around 5% to 5.5%.

Fact #2:  There is a large inventory of homes for sale right now. 

Fact #3:  Many Sellers are motivated to sell you their house and may be willing to negotiate.

Unknown #1:  House prices.  Are they going higher or lower?

Unknown #2:  Interest rates.  Are they going higher or lower?


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