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New VA Loan Limits in Hawaii For 2012

The New VA Loan Limits in Hawaii for 2012 have been published.  These amounts are the Maximum Loan Amounts so if you are also financing the VA Funding Fee, your actual loan amount will be less than these published figures.

1.  Honolulu County $695,750.00
2.  Hawaii County $625,500
3.  Kalawao County $625,500
4.  Maui County $625,500
5.  Kauai County $625,500

For example:  If you want to buy a home in Honolulu County for $650,000.00 and you are also going to finance your VA Funding Fee then your total loan amount would actually be $663,975.00 which includes a 2.15% VA funding fee for an active duty, first time user. (VA Funding Fee amounts vary by your nature and time of military service).

In another example, if you wanted to purchase a home inHonlulu County for $695,750.00, once you add on the VA Funding Fee, you would exceed the authorized maximum allowable loan limit by just under $15,000 so you would need to pay that $15,000 in cash at closing.

For more information about Oahu Real Estate, Hawaii Homes For Sale and VA Loans in Hawaii, contact David Kucic at Hawaii Military Realty.

Featured Ewa Beach Neighborhood: The Tides at Laulani

This featured video from Ewa Beach, Hawaii shows “The Tides at Laulani”  This subdivision is located at the intersection of Kapolei Parkway and Keaunui Drive and located across the street from the new Ewa Makai Middle School.  (See link below to view video).

The homes in The Tides at Laualani were built within the past 2 years by one of Ewa Beaches best developers, Gentry Homes.   The Tides has 3 and 4 bedroom homes ranging in price from the high 300’s to the mid 400’s.  All of the new homes have been sold out and the new phase of “The Trades at Laualani” is now being built right next to the Tides.

All of these homes are eligible properties for Military Veterans that want to use their Hawaii VA Loan Entitlement.  Conventional financing is also acceptable.  For more information on Ewa Beach, Ewa Beach neighborhoods and Ewa Beach Homes For Sale, contact David Kucic, Hawaii Military Realty, Inc. at (808) 218-9338 or send email to:  david@davidkucic.com

Click here for the Video Tour of “The Tides at Laulani in Ewa Beach, Hawaii”

Ewa by Gentry Tuscany II Neighborhood in Hawaii

This video clip takes you on a drive through the Ewa by Gentry neighborhood of Tuscany II in Ewa Beach, Hawaii.  the homes are all 3, 4 and 5 bedrooms.  They have central air conditioning, private fenced yards and driveway parking in addition to a  1 or a 2 car garage.  The homes with the 1 car garage chose to convert the other garage into a 5th bedroom.  This was done when the homes were brand new and were done by the developer, Gentry Homes.  These homes are a short walk to the new Hoalauna Park which features playground equipment, large grassy areas, comfort stations, par course equipment, a parking lot and soon to come DOG PARKS!

All of the homes in this neighborhood are eligible to be purchased using the Hawaii VA Home Loan.  If you are  a Veteran and interested in more information, feel free to sign up for one of our Free VA Loan Seminars.

For all of your Ewa Beach Real Estate needs, contact the company that KNOWS Ewa Beach, David and Tonya Kucic of Hawaii Military Realty, Inc. 

Ewa Beach, Hawaii Tuscany II Neighborhood Scene

Interest Rates: Hawaii VA Loans

The interest rates for VA loans in Hawaii have continuously trended lower in recent months.  As of last week, the interest rate on a 30 year, fixed rate, Hawaii VA loan was approximately 4.125% to 4.25%.  Each of these different rates had a rebate with the loan.   Whether you are interested in a Hawaii Short Sale, Foreclosure, Lender Sale, REO or Equity Sale, you may be able to use your VA loan eligibility to purchase the property.  Some restrictions may apply especially on Foreclosed Properties.

There are also more opportunities to get an even lower interest rate if you are willing to pay a portion of a point or more.

For more information on VA Loans in Hawaii and Hawaii Homes For Sale, contact David Kucic with Hawaii Military Realty at (808) 218-9338.  Hawaii Military Realty has been and will continue to be the preferred choice for military famlies that are relocating to Hawaii.

VA Loans in Hawaii (Rebate and Seller Credits)

If you are thinking about using your VA Loan Eligibility in Hawaii to purchase a home, make sure you are aware of wording for the contract.

With a VA Loan in Hawaii, the “Seller Credit” that is identified in Paragraph C-67 of the Purchase Contract MUST be phrased in a way that the Buyer is able to use the credit to its full extent.

This topic is very important when lenders are offering “Rebates” on loans because the rebate CANNOT be used to pay off debt of the Buyer but if worded correctly in Paragraph C-67, the Seller credit CAN be used to pay off debt.   As of yesterday, one of my Hawaii VA loan officers offered a rate of 4.25% on  a 30 year fixed rate VA loan with a 2 point rebate! 

I am not an attorney or a tax professional but I do know how to ask the right people for the answers in order to get the best deal for my Buyers.  For more information, refer to your real estate professional or give me a call anytime if you don’t have a real estate professional working for you.

Brand New Homes in Ewa Beach, Hawaii Great Incentives!

There are brand new homes located in Ewa Beach, Hawaii that have some new, fantastic incentives!  This is a great time to use your VA home loan entitlement on a property in Hawaii.  Contact me immediately for a list of homes that are included with this special offer for VA loan buyers only.  Sorry but if you are currently working with USAA Mortgage Company or Navy Federal Credit Union, you will NOTbe able to use them to purchase this home.  If you do use them, you will forfeit some of the incentives below.

David J. Kucic, REALTOR
Hawaii Military Realty, Inc.
Phone: (808) 218-9338
Email: david@davidkucic.com

Here are some of the incentives that are being offered:

The developer will give 4% of the base price of the home as a credit for the VA buyers contracting now to 8/31/2011.

This credit can be used to pay off the personal loans, including the credit cards and car loans. 

In addition, the developer will pay up to 2 points and the closing costs by going with the developers lead lenders for the loan

The house will come with the front yard & back yard landscaping and appliances including washer/dryer and vertical blinds throughout the house.

List of VA Approved Condos and Townhomes in Honolulu, Hawaii

Do you want to know whether the property you are interested in is approved by the VA?  In order to use your Hawaii VA Loan Eligibility, the property must be approved by the VA.  A list of approved condos can be found on the VA Website by following this link:  VA Approved Condos.  The easiest way to locate a building using this website is to go to step 5 and select HAWAII and then click on SUBMIT.   All of the Hawaii VA Approved Condos will come up and you just need to scroll through the list and find yours.

For more information about Hawaii Real Estate and using your VA Loan Eligibility in Hawaii, please contact me at (808) 218-9338 or email me at david@davidkucic.com.

Good luck!

4 bedroom, 2.5 bath Excellent Condition $520,000

For Sale in Ewa Beach, Hawaii located in the Sonoma Prescott neighborhood of Ewa by Gentry.  This 4 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom home features over 2,000 sf of interior living space, wood laminate flooring downstairs, new carpet upstairs, central air conditioning, fenced yard, professionally landscaped with mature plants and trees, driveway parking, street parking and more. 

This home is approved for use with a Hawaii VA Loan.  For more information about VA Loans in Hawaii or for your private showing, please contact David Kucic at (808) 218-9338 or email to: david@davidkucic.com.

Hawaii Military Realty, Inc.

Hawaii Military Realty, Inc. will open its doors within the next 30 days. 

1SG (Ret) David Kucic, REALTOR,  is the Principal Broker and Owner of the new company.  Tonya Kucic, REALTOR-ASSOCIATE,  is co-owner of the company.

We will specialize just as we have over the past 6 years with servicing the men and women of the Active Armed Forces, National Guard, Reservists,  retirees, veterans and anyone else that has ever worn a military uniform.

VA Loans are our specialty when it comes to Buyers purchasing homes on Oahu.  However, we are well equipped to handle FHA Loans, USDA Loans and conventional loan clients as well.

Are you a civilian that is looking for a hard working, dedicated real estate agent but you have never worn a uniform?  Let us show you what our committment to excellence is all about.

Looking forward to serving all of you in the future.

USAA Movers Advantage Program Hawaii

USAA Movers Advantage Program in Hawaii is a nice start towards your goal of home ownership.  We are proud members of USAA and are happy to assist you with your dream of purchasing a home in Hawaii

We have all the answers to helping you find a loan that meets your specific needs whether it comes from USAA or one of our Hawaii VA Loan Specialists.  We have direct contacts with Hawaii VA Loan Officers that work for all of the major lending institutions in Hawaii.

For more information, send us an email through the “Contact Us” tab on our home page or call us anytime.