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Choosing a Neighborhood In Ewa Beach Real Estate

Ewa Beach has two main developers that built (are building) the majority of the homes in this community.  Gentry Homes and Haseko are the two companies.  Gentry has developed many, many areas of Ewa Beach including these subdivisions:  Cypress Point, Haleakea, Woodbridge, Carriages, Meridian,  Alii Court, Alii Cove, Summerhill, Trovare, Sonoma, Prescott, Las Brisas, Tiburon, Terraza, Cortebella, Montecito, Tuscany and Lombard Way which are all on the East Side of Ft Weaver Road.  On the West Side of Ft Weaver Road, the Gentry built subdivisions are:  Sun Terra, Sun Terra South, Kula Lei, Huelani, Tides, Trades and Latitudes. 

Haseko has only built homes on the West Side of Ft. Weaver Road.  Their first project which took about 10 years to complete was the Ocean Pointe subdivision.  They are well underway with their second phase of building which is in the Ka Makana at Hoakalei subdivision.  This new resort community features a master plan that if completed, will be a world class resort with hotels, shops, marina, private 18 hole championship golf course and much more.   The golf course, Hoakalei Golf Course and Country Club was designed by PGA Tour Player Ernie Els.

When you buy a home, you are usually not just buying an isolated patch of Ewa Beach real estate.  You are also joining the neighborhood that it belongs to.  Understanding this from the beginning will help you to create a picture in your mind of what the totality of life will be like in any given house.

No house is an island so make sure you like your surroundings.  Here are some factors you want to keep an eye out for when choosing a piece of Ewa Beach real estate and its neighborhood.


If you have children or anyone in school then you will want to look at the schools in the area.  Are they of the quality that you are looking for?  How close are they to your home?  Ewa Beach currently has 5 elementary schools which are:  Holomua, Keoneula, Ewa, Ewa Beach and Pohakea.  There are two middle schools in Ewa Beach:  Ilima and Ewa Makai.  There is one high school in Ewa Beach, Campbell High School.

Answering these questions will help you to put another piece of the puzzle into place.  The location of schools will be a part of your everyday life once you purchase some Ewa Beach real estate so consider this detail now.

The nearby city of Kapolei has a private school called Island Pacific Academy.


Does the neighborhood that you are considering get a lot of traffic?  Have you stopped by to check at various times of day and on various days of the week?  Are you being told that Ewa Beach is a bad place to live because of the traffic on Ft. Weaver Road?  Yes, Ewa Beach has had its share of nightmare traffic jams but that is all HISTORY now.  The widening of Ft. Weaver Road was completed in 2009 and there are now 3 lanes in each direction along with extra turn lanes.  A trip that used to take 30-40 minutes can now be done in 5-10 minutes even during heavy traffic.  There has also been another new road built from Ewa Beach to the H-1 Highway called North South Road.

The noise level is another factor with traffic.  Cars speeding by can create noise, and you may not want a constantly noisy street.  This is especially true if traffic continues late into the night.  The only way to find out what the noise level surrounding your prospective patch of Ewa Beach real estate is really like is to experience it for yourself.  Then you can make an informed decision before you decide to move in.

Ewa Beach Property Values

You want to know if the homes surrounding yours and other places in Oahu Real Estate, will affect your property value and how.  This is easily ascertained through a little research and through getting a feeling for the neighborhood.  Since Ewa Beach has many different subdivisions, it is best to contact Team Kucic for a report of fair market value on a specific property.

You may want to take a look at how property values have changed over time.  You do not want to move into a neighbourhood that has been steadily declining in value over the years without knowing it.

Ewa Beach real estate is about more than an isolated home.  It includes a neighborhood so get to know a neighborhood before you make it yours.

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