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Ewa Makai Middle School Opens in Ewa Beach, Hawaii

The long awaited Ewa Makai Middle School opening took place several weeks ago in Ewa Beach, Hawaii.  The school will serve the growing population of Ewa Beach and the continued construction of new homes in the Ewa by Gentry neighborhoods as well as Ka Makana at Hoakalei neighborhood.

Up to this point, there had only been one middle school, Ilima Middle School, which serviced the entire city of Ewa Beach.

For more information on Public Schools in Hawaii, visit the Hawaii Department of Education.  For information on Private Schools in Hawaii visit the Hawaii Association of Independent Schools.

Ewa Beach News

Ewa Makai Middle School in Ewa Beach is finally opened!  This is one seriously high tech and very nice middle school.  Since it will only be home to some of the kids in Ewa Beach, I sure hope that the kids at Ilima Middle School don’t get screwed.  They also deserve to have the same sort of perks and opportunities that the kids who are lucky enough to be zoned in the Ewa Makai District are getting.

Ka Makana at Hoakalei School Zoning

Finding a place to live on Oahu can be a challenge if you are looking for affordability, quality, location, price and school districts on Oahu.

The new subdivision in Ewa Beach is called Ka Makana at Hoakalei.  The homes that are built in this subdivision are zoned for the following schools:

1.  Elementary School is Ewa Beach Elementary School

2.  Middle School is going to be the almost completed, newly built Ewa Makai Middle School.  Currently, the students that live in Ka Makana at Hoakalei are going to Ilima Middle School in Ewa Beach.  Once Ewa Makai Middle School opens, the students will be transferred to the new school.

3.  High School is Campbell High School which is the only high school in Ewa Beach.

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