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Honolulu Magazine Awards Hawaii Military Realty, Inc. as “Best in Real Estate” for 2013

Honolulu Magazine has awarded Hawaii Military Realty, Inc. with their “Best in Real Estate” award for 2013.  Hawaii Military Realty, Inc. wants to thank all of their clients, friends, owners, buyers, sellers and support people such as escrow officers, escrow assistants and the great loan officers that work with us.  Hawaii Military Realty, Inc. would also like to thank the AWESOME other agents that we have had the honor of working with this year and in all the years past.

Hawaii Military Realty, Inc. is the only full service real estate company on Oahu, Hawaii that is dedicated to serving the needs of our Military Family in Hawaii.   This includes Active Duty Military, Retired Military, Civil Service, National Guard, Reservists, Veterans, DOD Contractors and their family members.


Hawaii Military Realty, Inc. is owned, managed and operated by retired Military, active duty military and their family members.

If you need assistance with buying a home in Hawaii, Selling a home in Hawaii or needing a property manager in Ewa Beach, Hawaii, please contact us anytime.  We represent  Buyers and Sellers across the entire island of Oahu but our property management is exclusive to Ewa Beach, Hawaii and we are experts in property management and sales in Ewa by Gentry, Ka Makana at Hoakalei Resort and Ocean Pointe all located in Ewa Beach, Hawaii.

Ewa Beach Real Estate Statistics Nov 2011

The following Ewa Beach real estate statistics cover the Sonoma, Prescott I and Prescott II subdivisions.

These statistics are for the the 6 month period ending on November 24, 2011.

Prescott I and II:

Active Listings:  4 (1 short sale)

Pending Sales:  5 (all 5 are either short sales or foreclosures)

Actual Sales:  11 (6 of these were short sales or foreclosures)

Average List Price:  $520,618

Average Sold Price:  $513,636

Average Price Per SF:  $280.52

Average Days on Market: 51


Active Listings: 0 

Pending Sales: 1 (short sale) 

Actual Sales: 3 (all 3 were short sales or foreclosures) 

Average List Price: $506,996 

Average Sold Price: $498,000 

Average Days on Market::  36 

Average Price Per SF:  $246.78

For more information on Ewa Beach Homes For Sale and Hawaii Short Sales in the Ewa by Gentry, Ocean Pointe, Ka Makana at Hoakalei communities, contact the Ewa Beach Real Estate Specialists located in Ewa Beach, HawaiiHawaii Military Realty, Inc.  Phone (808) 218-9338.

Just Sold Home in Ewa Beach, Hawaii in Ewa by Gentry Prescott Neighborhood

Hawaii Military Realty just sold another home in Ewa by Gentry Prescott neighborhood.  Sales price was $500,000 and the sale closed on Oct 17, 2011.  Need to sell or interested in buying?  Call Hawaii Military Realty, Inc. today!

Ewa Beach Home Sales Statistics (Ewa by Gentry and Ocean Pointe)

I compiled the following Ewa Beach home sales statistics for Ewa by Gentry and Ocean Pointe.   These statistics were valid as of Sep 30, 2011.

The homes in Ewa by Gentry neighborhoods are just as desirable as or even more desirable than many other neighborhoods on the island of Oahu.  When a property comes on the market in a Ewa by Gentry community, an interested Buyer will make an offer on the property within a few days of listing.  This information is based on the most recent statistics as found on the Honolulu Board of Realtor’s Multiple Listing Service

As long as the property being listed is in decent condition and is priced at or near fair market value, there seem to be Buyer’s waiting in the midst to submit an offer to purchase the homes.  Part of the reason for this is the historically low interest rates that have been hovering anywhere in the 3.75% to 4.25% for a 30 year, fixed rate loan.

Ewa by Gentry neighborhoods have had their fair share of short sales, foreclosures and Homeowners Assistance Program (HAP) sales.  However, regardless of which one of these categories that the homes fall into, there are still many interested Buyer’s waiting on homes to hit the market.

Ewa by Gentry single family home most recent statistics (covering approximately the past 6-8 months)

  • There are currently 39 homes available for sale.  This includes new homes in Haleakea that are listed on the MLS.  Of these 39 homes, 9 of them are listed as short sale and 4 of them are listed as foreclosures or lender sales.
  • There are currently 58 properties that are under contract but have not closed yet.  Of these 58 homes, 37 of them are listed as short sales and 6 of them are listed as foreclosures or lender sales.
  • There have been 93 homes that have sold recently.  Of those 93 homes, 33 of them were short sales and 8 of them were foreclosures or lender sales.

For the sake of comparison, these are the statistics for our neighbors in theOcean Pointe community covering the same 6-8 month time period.

  • There are currently 5 homes available for sale.  Of these 5 homes, 3 of them are listed as short sales.
  • There are currently 19 homes that are under contract but have not closed yet.  Of these 19 homes, 12 of them are listed as short sales and 1 foreclosure or lender sale.
  • There have been 45 homes that have sold recently.  Of these 45 homes, 8 of them were short sales and 6 of them were foreclosures or lender sales.

Given the amount of homes in Ewa by Gentry neighborhoods versus Ocean Pointe neighborhoods, these statistics are very similar.

(Information here-in is deemed reliable but not guaranteed)

Short Sales in Ewa Beach, Hawaii

Short sales in Ewa Beach, Hawaii are still overwhlming the real estate market.  The two main communities in Ewa Beach are Ewa by Gentry and Ocean Pointe.  These are the current statistics on the short sales in those two communities as of August 26, 2011:                                                                                                                

Single Family Current Active Short Sales:    Ewa by Gentry (40)   and Ocean Pointe (14)
(this includes properties
under contract but not yet

Single Family Homes Closed Short Sales:  Ewa by Gentry (36) and Ocean Pointe (13)

These statistics represent the Oahu real estate activity as reported to the Honolulu Board of Realtors MLS for the past 6-8 months.

For more information on purchasing a short sale in Ewa Beach, Hawaii or to sell your property as a short sale, contact the Certified Distressed Property Experts at Hawaii Military Realty, Inc.

Ewa Beach Safeway Grocery Store

Ewa Beach, Hawaii is about ready for the long awaited Safeway Grocery Store.  I have reliable sources that tell me the shopping center located at the corner of Ft. Weaver Road and Keaunui Drive in the Ewa by Gentry community will consist of the following:

1.  Safeway Grocery Store

2.  City Mill

3.  Approximately 4 stand-alone eating establishments

4.  Small shops such as a nail salon, barber shop and hair salon.  Of course, there will be more than just these.

The residents of Ewa Beach currently only have 1 grocery store, Foodland, which is located in the Ewa Town Center at the intersection of Ft. Weaver Road and Geiger RoadStar Market in Ewa Beach closed a few years ago and has been replaced with another Longs Drugs.

The Ewa Beach, Ewa by Gentry, Ocean Pointe and Ka Makana at Hoakaleicommunities will greatly benefit from the addition of this new shopping center since the nearest shopping center after Ewa Beach is out in Kapolei.

A good quality sit down restaurant in Ewa Beach would be nice to see in the future but we might have to wait until the restaurants that are proposed to be built on the Hoakalei Resort are finished.  Completion of that probably wont be for another 10 years.

Ewa Makai Middle School Opens in Ewa Beach, Hawaii

The long awaited Ewa Makai Middle School opening took place several weeks ago in Ewa Beach, Hawaii.  The school will serve the growing population of Ewa Beach and the continued construction of new homes in the Ewa by Gentry neighborhoods as well as Ka Makana at Hoakalei neighborhood.

Up to this point, there had only been one middle school, Ilima Middle School, which serviced the entire city of Ewa Beach.

For more information on Public Schools in Hawaii, visit the Hawaii Department of Education.  For information on Private Schools in Hawaii visit the Hawaii Association of Independent Schools.

Ewa Beach Hawaii Real Estate Statistics Thru Feb 14, 2010

The two major devlopments in Ewa Beach are Ewa by Gentry and Ocean Pointe.  Over the past 6-8 months there has been a considerable amount of acitivity with the sales of homes in these two developments.  Many of the homes are Hawaii Short Sales. 

Listed below are the statistics for Ewa by Gentry and Ocean Pointe that cover the last 6-8 months.

Ocean Pointe Homes by Haseko Developers/Homebuilders

21  Active Listings (16 of these are Short Sales)

25   Pending Sales

53   Sales (numbers below are reflective ONLY of these 53 sales)

Average Listing Price $494,370

Average Sales Price $488,649

Average Days on Market 62

Average Price Per Interior Square Foot $279.39

Ewa by Gentry Homes by Gentry Developers/Homebuilders

 59   Active Listings (29 of these are Short Sales and 8 are developers new home listings)

 43   Pending Sales

 96   Sales (numbers below are reflective ONLY of these 96 sales)

Average Listing Price $432,181

Average Sales Price $429,180

Average Days on Market 65

Average Price Per Interior Square Foot $273.02