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Real estate investing has proven itself to be a way to become a millionaire or more. Buy a house using your VA loan, live in the house while you are at that duty station and when you leave, hire a Property Manager and rent out that house. You are now a real estate investor. There is a lot more to it but this is the way it works in a nutshell. I am a real estate investor myself and can help guide you through the process and what to expect. Contact David Kucic, Hawaii Military Realty, Inc.

Looking For Real Estate Investors in Hawaii (Hawaii Military Realty, Inc.)

Are you interested in some investment opportunities in Hawaii real estate?  Some of my clients are interested in selling their homes in Hawaii to an investor because there is a tenant already in place.  For example, one home in the Ewa Gentry subdivision of Sonoma/Prescott is currently rented for $3,000 per month and will sell for around 615k.  With a 20-25% downpayment on an investor loan, that would be an immediate, positive cash flow.  Better yet is the fact that I manage these properties and I could continue to manage it for you.

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Important Information: Using Your Hawaii Home as a Rental Property

Are you a home owner in Hawaii and considering holding onto your property when you leave Hawaii on Military PCS orders, Retirement Orders or something similar?  What would you do with your house when you leave?  If you plan on keeping the house and using it as an investment/rental property, you should be aware that you could very possibly be subjected to the HARPTA tax which the state of Hawaii taxes people who are non-owner occupants of property and who sell their property at a future date.  For example:  If the Military Servicemember in Hawaii had a home that they used for a rental property after they left Hawaii and then several years later they sold the property, they would almost certainly be subject to the HARPTA tax.  The HARPTA tax is 5% of the amount realized.  If the house sold for $650,000 then the tax would be $32,500.00.  On a $350,000 house, the HARPTA tax would be $17,500.00.  That is definitely something for you to keep in mind if you decide to use your piece of Hawaii real estate as a rental.  Since I am not a tax professional or attorney, I suggest you check out the State of Hawaii Department of Taxation Website for further information and clarification.

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