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Ewa Beach Safeway Grocery Store

Ewa Beach, Hawaii is about ready for the long awaited Safeway Grocery Store.  I have reliable sources that tell me the shopping center located at the corner of Ft. Weaver Road and Keaunui Drive in the Ewa by Gentry community will consist of the following:

1.  Safeway Grocery Store

2.  City Mill

3.  Approximately 4 stand-alone eating establishments

4.  Small shops such as a nail salon, barber shop and hair salon.  Of course, there will be more than just these.

The residents of Ewa Beach currently only have 1 grocery store, Foodland, which is located in the Ewa Town Center at the intersection of Ft. Weaver Road and Geiger RoadStar Market in Ewa Beach closed a few years ago and has been replaced with another Longs Drugs.

The Ewa Beach, Ewa by Gentry, Ocean Pointe and Ka Makana at Hoakaleicommunities will greatly benefit from the addition of this new shopping center since the nearest shopping center after Ewa Beach is out in Kapolei.

A good quality sit down restaurant in Ewa Beach would be nice to see in the future but we might have to wait until the restaurants that are proposed to be built on the Hoakalei Resort are finished.  Completion of that probably wont be for another 10 years.