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Looking For Real Estate Investors in Hawaii (Hawaii Military Realty, Inc.)

Are you interested in some investment opportunities in Hawaii real estate?  Some of my clients are interested in selling their homes in Hawaii to an investor because there is a tenant already in place.  For example, one home in the Ewa Gentry subdivision of Sonoma/Prescott is currently rented for $3,000 per month and will sell for around 615k.  With a 20-25% downpayment on an investor loan, that would be an immediate, positive cash flow.  Better yet is the fact that I manage these properties and I could continue to manage it for you.

For more information on homes for sale on Oahu, investment opportunitie

Ewa Beach, Hawaii and The Woodbridge II Neighborhood

Ewa Beach, Hawaii features 2 major builders of homes.  Gentry Homes and Haseko.  Both developers produce a great product and the owners in each of these builders homes seemed to be very satisfied.  I personally own a few of the homes in these neighborhoods myself and I also live in Ewa Beach so I speak based on personal experience.

This video clip gives you a quick glance at one of Ewa by Gentrys neighborhoods in Woodbridge II.  These homes are large, spacious and very desirable.  Woodbridge II is located off of Hoowalea St at Keaunui Drive across the street from the new Hoalauna Park with the dog park, exercise equipment (par course equipment) and playground equipment.  Click on the hyperlink below to view the video.

For more information on buying or selling homes in Hawaii and in Ewa Beach, please consider contacting someone who knows and lives in the community;  David and Tonya Kucic of Hawaii Military Realty, Inc.

Ewa Beach, Hawaii Woodbridge II  Video

Just Sold Home in Ewa Beach, Hawaii in Ewa by Gentry Prescott Neighborhood

Hawaii Military Realty just sold another home in Ewa by Gentry Prescott neighborhood.  Sales price was $500,000 and the sale closed on Oct 17, 2011.  Need to sell or interested in buying?  Call Hawaii Military Realty, Inc. today!