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Laulani Shopping Center in Ewa Beach, Hawaii

The Laulani Shopping Center in Ewa Beach, Hawaii just changed their sign at the corner of Ft Weaver Road and Keaunui Drive.   It used to say that “Just Tacos” was one of the businesses that would be opening in the new Safeway Shopping Center but now it is changed to “Russos Italian Kitchen”.  That actually sounds pretty good as long as Russos is not another crappy, pretend Italian Restaurant.  My wife and I recently went to a newly opened Italian Restaurant in Kapolei and it was awful.  I will never go back there again.   They advertise having a Chef who was from Italy but the food did not impress us at all.

To the owners and management of Russos Italian Kitchen:  PLEASE make some good, authentic tasting Italian food and we will give you much business and send everyone your way.  Don’t serve us pre-made Italian food that we can buy in the grocery store.  One more thing:  If you can figure out how to make some kick ass pizzas, your business will do great because Oahu and Ewa Beach are seriously lacking a good, quality place to get a  pizza.  Its so bad that I have to order pizzas from Chicago twice a year and have them flown to Hawaii on dry ice.  I look forward to your grand opening and wish you much success with Russos Italian Kitchen in Ewa Beach, Hawaii.

Ewa Beach Hawaii Homes and Neighborhoods

Ewa Beach homes and neighborhoods provide an excellent quality of life for those that choose to live here.  I am often asked where I live and I am proud to say that I live in Ewa Beach.  As the town continues to grow,  the supporting facilities are also coming with this growth.  Laulani Village Shopping Center will be a great asset to Ewa Beach.  The shopping center is located off Ft Weaver Road and Keaunui Drive and will have such retailers as Safeway, Walgreens, Petco, Ross and City Mill.

If you are looking for a good, quality home in a nice neighborhood then Ewa Beach, Hawaii might be just the place for you.

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Laulani Shopping Center in Ewa Beach, HI (Including Safeway Grocery Store)

The Laulani Shopping Center in Ewa Beach, Hawaii is moving ahead quickly and is estimated to be open by the end of 2012.  I stopped by the construction site yesterday after noticing a sign that named some of the businesses committed to taking up residence in the shopping center.  Among those names are:  Safeway Grocery Store, City Mill home improvement store, Walgreens, Petco and Ross.

The addition of this shopping center will bring a lot of relief to the always congested Foodland/Longs Drugs shopping center at the intersection of Ft. Weaver and Geiger Road.

With the volume of real estate sales in Ewa Beach currently running very high and the inventory of available homes very low, the addition of the Laulani Shopping Center will add to the rise in home prices in Ewa Beach.   People often complained about there not being enough shopping in Ewa Beach but that will soon take a drastic change when the new shopping center opens.

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Laulani Shopping Center in Ewa Beach, Hawaii

Video:  Laulani Shopping Center in Ewa Beach, Hawaii is moving along well with construction. This will be the home to the new Safeway Grocery Store located at the corner of Ft. Weaver Roadand Keaunui Drive in the Gentry Subdivision of Ewa Beach. Laulani Shopping Center is located adjacent to the new home community of Ewa Gentry Trades, Ewa Gentry Tides and across the street from Ewa Gentry Latitudes and soon to be built Ewa Gentry Sandalwood. 

With the fine quality of homes being built and the homes that are already built in Ewa Beach, this area continues to be the top neighborhood for Military in Hawaii that want to purchase real estate on Oahu.  Furthermore, this area is 100% qualified for the Hawaii VA Loan Benefit and many Military Families are taking advantage of the VA Loan in Hawaii with the current low interest rates around 3.75 to 4%.

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Safeway Grocery Store in Ewa Beach

Construction is underway for the new Safeway Grocery Store in Ewa Beach, Hawaii.  Last week, the crews started erecting the large fences around the perimeter of the new Laulani Shopping Center which will be home to the anchor store Safeway.  Reliable sources inform me that City Mill which is a home improvement store similar to a Home Depot or Lowes, is also slated to open a store in the shopping center.  Among other interested tenants are:  Johnny Rockets, Ruby Tuesday,McDonald’s, Big City Diner and more. 

Ewa Beach, Hawaii Getting Safeway Grocery Store

Ewa Beach, Hawaii will soon be getting a new Safeway Grocery Store at the intersection of Ft. Weaver Road and Keaunui Drive.  Safeway will be the anchor store to the shopping center known as Laulauni Village.  With only a Foodland Grocery Store currently in Ewa Beach, the arrival of a Safeway will be very welcomed by the residents.  As Ewa Beach continues to grow and more homes get built in Ewa by Gentry and Ka Makana at Hoakalei, the need for more shopping options is a must.

Ewa Beach Safeway Grocery Store

Ewa Beach, Hawaii is about ready for the long awaited Safeway Grocery Store.  I have reliable sources that tell me the shopping center located at the corner of Ft. Weaver Road and Keaunui Drive in the Ewa by Gentry community will consist of the following:

1.  Safeway Grocery Store

2.  City Mill

3.  Approximately 4 stand-alone eating establishments

4.  Small shops such as a nail salon, barber shop and hair salon.  Of course, there will be more than just these.

The residents of Ewa Beach currently only have 1 grocery store, Foodland, which is located in the Ewa Town Center at the intersection of Ft. Weaver Road and Geiger RoadStar Market in Ewa Beach closed a few years ago and has been replaced with another Longs Drugs.

The Ewa Beach, Ewa by Gentry, Ocean Pointe and Ka Makana at Hoakaleicommunities will greatly benefit from the addition of this new shopping center since the nearest shopping center after Ewa Beach is out in Kapolei.

A good quality sit down restaurant in Ewa Beach would be nice to see in the future but we might have to wait until the restaurants that are proposed to be built on the Hoakalei Resort are finished.  Completion of that probably wont be for another 10 years.