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Kapolei: A Thriving Alternative To Honolulu Real Estate

Kapolei has arguably reached its goal of becoming The Second City of Oahu.  Second to whom?  Honolulu, presumably, but the continued growth of Kapolei indicates that in truth it may be second to none.

The city has gained a reputation as the fastest growing employment center in the state of Hawaii, and is currently in the middle of a continuous 20-year job growth trend wherein an estimated 40,000 jobs will be gained (years 2005-2025).

David Kucic and his team have developed a full-service real estate business to serve the needs of buyers and sellers in Kapolei.  As a 20 year army veteran, David offers a unique perspective to military clients while his wife Tonya provides valuable insight from her years in the financing industry; and the efforts of both are supported by their son Cameron, as a technical expert. This is a set of services that is equally advantageous to those who are looking to buy or sell Kapolei real estate, connecting buyers with their dream home, or sellers with all the right resources.