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Real estate investing has proven itself to be a way to become a millionaire or more. Buy a house using your VA loan, live in the house while you are at that duty station and when you leave, hire a Property Manager and rent out that house. You are now a real estate investor. There is a lot more to it but this is the way it works in a nutshell. I am a real estate investor myself and can help guide you through the process and what to expect. Contact David Kucic, Hawaii Military Realty, Inc.

Military Veteran Grave Sites in Hawaii, Island of Oahu August 2016

Do you have a Military Veteran relative buried in a cemetery in Hawaii?  Are you unable for some reason to travel to Hawaii to visit the grave site?  Do you wonder what the grave site looks like and if anyone is caring for it?  I am testing out a program to see if I can help you.  Send me the name of your relative along with the cemetery where they are buried and I will go visit the site for you and take a few pictures for you and possibly do a little bit of cleanup while I am there if its needed.  I am only able to offer this for the island of Oahu at this time.  My email address is HawaiiKucic@gmail.com.

VA Loans in Hawaii and Buying a Home With Your VA Loan July 2016

Are you Active Duty Military, Retiree, National Guard, Reservist and have questions about your VA Loan eligibility in Hawaii?  We can answer your questions for you and provide you with the expert, honest and professional service that you deserve.  We give you the truth and no sugar coating just as you would expect from your Military Expert Team in Hawaii.   Hawaii Military Realty, Inc. is the ONLY full service, fully dedicated team of Veteran Real Estate Agents and Mortgage Brokers that have served a career in the military and now are here to help you realize your dream of owning a home in Hawaii.

Our Team of VA Loan and Hawaii Home Buyer representatives include:

LTC (Retired) John Sego, VA Loan Specialist

LTC (Retired) John Beury, VA Loan Purchasing Expert

LTC (Retired) Colin Beal, VA Loan Purchasing Expert

2LT Cameron Kucic, VA Loan Purchasing Expert

SFC (Retired) Jeff Loyd, VA Loan Purchasing Expert

1SG (Retired) David Kucic, VA Loan Purchasing Expert

VA Loan Seminar in Kapolei, Hawaii Wednesday October 2, 2013 from 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM

Hawaii Military Realty, Inc is pleased to announce a VA Loan Seminar in Kapolei Hawaii by Hawaii VA Loans on Wednesday October 2, 2013.  This informative session is FREE and there is no commitment if you attend the seminar.  This will educate you about the VA Home Loan process in Hawaii, qualifying for a VA home loan and the Hawaii home buying process for military families, veterans, reservists, National Guard and any other qualified Veterans.

To sign up for the class and ensure yourself a seat, please email, call or text me with your full name and the names of any other guests or family members that you will bring with you.

Email to david@davidkucic.com

Phone (808) 218-9338

Condo For Sale in Ewa Beach, Hawaii 2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, 2 Car Garage, 1,200 SF Interior $360,000

Located in the Arbors which is the ONLY gated condo/townhouse community in Ewa Beach, Hawaii.  This is one of the largest two bedroom units in the Arbors.  Permitted, enclosed lanai makes the living area very open and airy.  This is the most desirable ‘C’ unit with a private fenced, front yard.  Garage is attached to unit. Located just inside the gate and right next to guest parking and swimming pool.  Excellent condition and not a short sale.  Huge 526 sf 2 car garage!!!  This subdivision and community is approved for purchase by a Veteran that wants to use their Hawaii VA Loan Eligibility.  For more information, contact David Kucic, Hawaii Military Realty, Inc. at (808) 218-9338.


Upcoming Listings Not Yet On The Market

We have been contacted recently by a few homeowners in Hawaii  who are interested in selling their houses.  These are a few properties in Ewa Beach, Hawaii that will be coming available on the market soon.  Since homes are so hard to find in Ewa Beach right now, we wanted to let you know about these few before they are posted on the Hawaii MLS.

1.  Gated community of the Arbors in Ewa Beach, Hawaii.  This is a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo with 1,257 sf of interior living space and a HUGE 526 square foot 2 car garage.  The model is known as a “C” unit which is one of the most desirable units because it has a downstairs, private fenced in yard and the unit is above its own garage.   Many of the other units in the Arbors are above other neighbors garages.  This home should be available for purchase in January 2013 for $360,000.  For more information on this future home for sale in Ewa Beach, contact Hawaii Military Realty.  This home IS approved for purchase by a military veteran wishing to use their VA loan eligibility in Hawaii to purchase this home.

2.  Very large single family home on a perimeter lot with no rear neighbors and unobstructed city and mountain views.  This home is located in the upscale Haleakea neighborhood of Ewa Beach, Hawaii.   Featuring 4 bedrooms and over 2,600 sf of interior living space and an attached 2 car garage.  It also has a separate studio that can be used as an office or extra bedroom.  The studio has its own private entrance.  This home should be available for purchase in December 2012 or January 2013 for $770,000.  For more information on this future home for sale in Ewa Beach, contact Hawaii Military Realty.  This home IS approved for purchase by a military veteran wishing to use their VA loan eligibility in Hawaii to purchase this home

3.  Single family home located in the Ocean Pointe neighborhood in Ewa Beach, Hawaii.  This home has 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms and a detached 2 car garage.  There is also a double wide gate and a concrete slab in the backyard that will allow parking of an additional car, boat or over-sized vehicle.  This home has approximately 1,700 sf of interior living space.  This home should be available for purchase in December 2012 or January 2013 for $560,000.  For more information on this future home for sale in Ewa Beach, Hawaii, contact Hawaii Military Realty.  This home IS approved for purchase by a military veteran wishing to use their VA loan eligibility in Hawaii to purchase this home

Maximum VA Loan Limits in Hawaii For Honolulu County August 6, 2012

The maximum VA Loan limit in Hawaii for Honolulu County has been increased to $756,250 effective August 6, 2012.

The VA Loan in Hawaii can be used to purchase a single family home, townhouse or condo in Hawaii as well as new construction homes on Oahu.  The VA Loan in Hawaii is a 100% financed loan so no down payment is necessary.  Oahu, Hawaii has fantastic, family friendly neighborhoods in Ewa Beach, Kapolei, Mililani, Waikele, Pearl City, Aiea, Honolulu, Kaneohe and Kailua just to name a few.  All of these neighborhoods are eligibile for the VA Loan purchase.

For more information on VA Loans and how Veterans can purchase a home in Hawaii, please call your Hawaii Military Relocation expert, David Kucic, President/Owner of Hawaii Military Realty, Inc. at (808) 218-9338 or email to:  david@davidkucic.com.


New VA Medical Facility in Ewa Beach, Kapolei, Kalaeloa or Ewa Plain

The Veterans Administration recently announced that they will build the largest VA medical center in the state of Hawaii.  It will most likely be located in Ewa Beach, Kapolei, Kalaeloaor somewhere on the Ewa Plain.

It is estimated that the project could start in 2015 and take up to 2 years to build and will cost an estimated 125 million dollars.  The facility will also have approximately 1,000 parking stalls.  One the center opens, it could add as many as 325 permanent jobs. 

Currently on Oahu, there is only one other VA facility that services Veterans.  The Spark Matsunaga Medical Center is adjacent to Tripler Army Medical Center.  There is also a new outpatient VA clinic that will open this summer in Leeward Oahu.

This means the desire to purchase a home in Ewa Beach and Kapolei is even more prominent now.  Its no wonder why I am listing homes in Ewa Beach and Kapolei for sale and I am getting offers on my listings within weeks.  Thereal estate market in Ewa Beach and Kapolei continues to remain very strong.

For more information on Hawaii Real Estate, Hawaii Homes For Sale, Oahu Real Estate, Oahu Short Sales, Ewa Beach Homes For Sale, Kapolei Homes For Sale, Koolina Homes For Sale and Makakilo Homes For Sale, contact one of Oahus Top 100 Realtors, David Kucic of Hawaii Military Realty, Inc.

Using Your VA Loan in Hawaii to Pay Off Credit Cards

Did you know that you can use money from a VA Loan in Hawaii to pay off credit cards, student loans or other consumer debt?  Its not illegal and it is not a secret but many Hawaii Military Veterans don’t know how to benefit from this and many Hawaii Real Estate Buyers Agents don’t know how to word a contract correctly in order for you to take advantage of this.

The bottom line is that you can get a credit from a Seller of a home in Hawaii or a credit from a developer of a new construction home in Hawaii and use it to pay off your consumer debt.   This can only be done with a Hawaii VA Loan and not other loan programs.  For example:  If you buy a $400,000 single family home on Oahuand the Seller credits you $15,000, you can use some of that money to pay off consumer debt in conjunction with your Hawaii VA Loanin addition to using the money to pay off your closing costs and prepaids.  In the past, Buyers that I have represented have paid off car loans, credit cards and student loans in conjunction with the purchase of their homes in Hawaii.

Call or email me if you would like any additional information.  To search the Oahu MLS for properties for sale on Oahu, visit my homepage at www.himre.com and click on the link to search for homes.  My website is linked directly into the Oahu MLS and you will see ALL properties for sale on Oahu.