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I love Hawaii, I’m ready to find a home. Where do I start?

I love Hawaii, I’m ready to find a home. Where do I start?

So you’ve fallen in love with the beautiful views of the Hawaiian shore, or perhaps the rich and fun culture on the islands. Maybe you are just being stationed here and had no say in the matter. Whatever may be bringing you here, you are now on the lookout for a home that will be perfect for you or your family as you make this big move.

Budget and Duration Decisions

First thing’s first – you’ll have to make the decision between renting and buying. For short station assignments or a young couple without much savings, renting could be the better way to go. However, if you have some money saved up for a down payment and plans to stick around the area and grow a family, buying could be a much better decision, and will save you some money in the long run. From there you will have to decide what you can afford for rent or a mortgage between you and your significant other, if you have one.

Take Your Decision to a Realtor

Finding a good realtor will be your next step – you can find reviews online to help make your determination before seeking out realtors to meet with. They will be invaluable in connecting you with the community properly, working on your behalf and explaining all of the paperwork and hoops to jump through. Additionally, they will be able to walk you through your mortgage pre-approval process should you decide to take that route. They will then have access to all of the most current housing listings and can filter them for your approval instead of needing to take the time yourself – and can help ensure you ask all of the right questions when looking at homes.


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