New North South Road is Now Open!

Traffic coming in and out of Ewa Beach and Kapolei has gotten even better.  First, the widening of Ft. Weaver Road in Ewa Beach was completed and has been a very welcomed benefit.  In the past, it could take 30-40 minutes just to get out of Ewa Beach in the morning and just the same amount of time to get back into Ewa Beach in the afternoon/evening.

As of a few days ago, the new North South Road is also open.  This means that not only can you get in and out of Ewa Beach using Ft. Weaver Road but you can also travel on Kapolei Parkway and take it all the way to the H-1 freeway.  This now gives 2 major thoroughfares to get in and out of Ewa Beach.

If you are interested in Ewa Beach real estate, dont believe people when they tell you the traffic is terrible in Ewa Beach.  They may have been correct a few months ago, but that is absolutely not the case any longer.

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