New VA Loan Limits in Hawaii For 2012

The New VA Loan Limits in Hawaii for 2012 have been published.  These amounts are the Maximum Loan Amounts so if you are also financing the VA Funding Fee, your actual loan amount will be less than these published figures.

1.  Honolulu County $695,750.00
2.  Hawaii County $625,500
3.  Kalawao County $625,500
4.  Maui County $625,500
5.  Kauai County $625,500

For example:  If you want to buy a home in Honolulu County for $650,000.00 and you are also going to finance your VA Funding Fee then your total loan amount would actually be $663,975.00 which includes a 2.15% VA funding fee for an active duty, first time user. (VA Funding Fee amounts vary by your nature and time of military service).

In another example, if you wanted to purchase a home inHonlulu County for $695,750.00, once you add on the VA Funding Fee, you would exceed the authorized maximum allowable loan limit by just under $15,000 so you would need to pay that $15,000 in cash at closing.

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