Helping The Military Adjust To Life On Hawaii

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When military personnel are transferred across the ocean to Hawaii it can be quite a shock.  While Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places on earth and has been dubbed “Paradise on Earth” there will still be an adjustment time when military members first arrive.  Now it may seem like living in paradise would be wonderful and perfect, right?  You’ve moved to a gorgeous tropical island, what is there to adjust to?  Well, Hawaii may be stunning, but there are still some things that should be addressed to help with the transition.

Houses Are Not That Big

One of the biggest differences between housing in Hawaii and housing on the mainland is that the houses in Hawaii and quite a bit smaller.  Many military personnel are surprised to see how much smaller the houses are and have a hard time adjusting to that.  This is especially true of military service men and women who have brought all of their furniture and belongings with them.  The houses in Hawaii are much smaller than what you may be expecting so be prepared to either bring a lot less of your stuff, or pay to have it stored.

A Whole New World

Hawaii is a beautiful and pristine island paradise.  What could possibly be wrong with that right?  Well actually, nothing.  But there are many diverse groups of people that live in Hawaii.  Hawaii may be a part of the United States but it is very different from the mainland.  There are many different ethnic groups that live in Hawaii such as Japanese, Filipino, Hawaiian, Samoan, Korean, Spanish and many more.  Hawaii offers a great mix of cultures and people living and working together.

Looking For A House In Hawaii

When it comes time to find a house in Hawaii it is important to have a professional and experienced real estate agent working for you. You will also want to be sure to work with a local Hawaiian mortgage lender who is familiar with the laws and rules for purchasing real estate in Hawaii.  You will need to make a couple decisions about your Hawaiian real estate such as whether you want to buy or rent, and if you would rather live in a condo, townhouse, or single family home.

A professional real estate agent can help you with all the ins and outs of Hawaii real estate and guide you through the whole process.  Keep in mind too that Hawaii is much different from the mainland.  Not only are the homes smaller, but there is also less space.  There is only so much land available to build on so don’t rule out the option of a townhouse or condo.

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