Kapolei Real Estate

Even though Kapolei is a young and still developing city, it is proving itself to be all that its planners envisioned it to be.  Kapolei continues to meet its goals as both a residential and commercial hub for Oahu, rivaled only by the state’s capital of Honolulu.  In truth, however, Kapolei was designed to be an answer to the overcrowding and commercial density in Honolulu.  This well-planned city is an ideal home for Oahu homebuyers, with much promise and many great things to come.

Kapolei Real Estate Growth

Today Kapolei real estate continues to grow and develop.  Construction of residential homes in Kapolei began in the later half of the 1980’s, and has continued to grow and develop steadily since then.  This continued and carefully planned growth for both the residential and commercial sectors has created a unique symbiosis that has turned Kapolei into a young, vibrant, thriving community.

Kapolei continues to prosper in both the commercial and residential sectors.  The city is now the fastest growing employment center in the state, with an estimated 40,000 jobs being added in the 20 years from 2005 to 2015.  Translated into practical terms, that means that Kapolei has the employment and commercial base necessary to support Kapolei real estate for home buyers, home sellers, and new construction.

Kapolei Real Estate Options

Kapolei offers a wide range of homes in a wide range of prices, suited to all income levels and styles of living.  The benefit of buying property in a young and developing community is that there are many choices of fresh, new, modern homes, as well as homes that embrace the best of traditional Hawaii home building.  Another advantage of the Kapolei real estate market is that there are a number of new constructions in the process of being built, and still in the planning stages.  So whatever your preference, you have a great many options to choose from, including

  • New homes
  • Pre-construction properties that allow you to participate in the planning and building process
  • Previously owned homes with additional amenities and upgrades

All of these are available in many different types, including townhomes, luxury homes, condominiums, single-family homes, and multi-unit properties in affordable moderate price ranges.  Of course, there are a great many commercial properties available for sale and for lease, and many more soon to come on the market as the 7.1 million square foot city commercial center continues to develop.

Warm, Professional Services From David Kucic And Family

If you are in the market for Oahu real estate with homes to buy or sell Kapolei realtors have much to offer you.  And while you do have a number of options as far as Kapolei real estate agents go, you will find few that serve you with the same level of dedication and warmth that David Kucic and his family do at Tropic Lightning Real Estate.

Tropic Lightning Real Estate is a completely family-operated business; with each member of the family specializing in different aspects of the industry, and coming with a vast background in real estate, financing, technology, and customer service, the family is readily prepared to serve you in every way. Contact Tropic Lightning Real Estate today, and let them put their diverse talents to work for you as you buy or sell Kapolei real estate.

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