Hoakalei Country Club Monthly Dues

Want another great reason to join Hoakalei Country Club in Ewa Beach?  The monthly dues cover all of your greens fees (there is a fee for electric carts though which is very reasonable).  Unlike all the other private country clubs on Oahu, THERE IS NO REQUIREMENT TO SPEND A MONTHLY MINIMUM IN THE RESTAURANT!  Check around with the other private country clubs on Oahu and you will find that you have monthly minimums that must be spent in the restaurants (I have been told that one of the clubs monthly restaurant fee is higher than the monthly golf dues).

I have spoken to several of the founding members at Hoakalei Country Club and we all agreed that one of the major reasons that we joined the club was because there was no requirement to spend a monthly minimum at the restaurant. 

I know what some of you may be thinking:  THERE IS NO RESTAURANT AT HOAKALEI COUNTRY CLUB.  Think again!  The kitchen arrived a few weeks ago and it is being set up to begin food preparation next month.  We are all very excited that we will be able to eat at Hoakalei Golf Course very soon!

The permanent club house and restaurant is still years away from completion but in the interim, the temporary facility will work just fine!

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